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The Best Real Estate Investment

‘Every person who invests in well selected real estate in a growing section of  a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate in the basis of wealth’ these words of Theodore Roosevelt stands the test of time. Yes, real estate investment is definitely the wealth of all investments. People invest in real estate with the unique aim of capital appreciation. The biggest challenge most of the people face in investing in real estate is deciding upon which unit size would make the best deal whether it would be 1,2,3 or 4 bhk., there is also another aspect embraced in this, either to buy 2 units of 1bhk or just one 3bhk and so on. We need to be really carful in all our steps in investing in the real estate and have to be aware of all the market forces and market changes.  Even a small mistake would cost us terribly and make us fall into deadly traps. Of late 2 bhk flats in Chennai are gaining more popularity and people look more for ready to occupy flats in Chennai rather than projects that are under construction. For investment purpose ready to occupy would be the ideal one because ready to occupy flats can give us rental income immediately.

Ideally speaking each unit size (1,2,3, and 4bhk) has its own pros and cons. 2bhk homes are the best of all because the target group for 2bhk are wider than other unit sizes. Chennai has more of migrating population and hence the demand for 2bhk will always be constant. 2bhk houses will have higher capital appreciation because of its demand and the rent from just two or three units of 2bhk will be naturally higher than 3bhk. Unfortunately most of the time 3bhk unit doesn’t work well with rent. We have to get a rental from 3bhk that is equal to what we could get from 2bhk. We could come across premium 2bhk units which can be rented for a higher price that would match with 3bhk.  Maintaining the property is as challenging as investing in a property. The challenge and responsibility of maintaining a 2bhk is considerably less when compared to 3bhk homes. The expense of maintain a 3bhk house will tremendously increase thus the income we gain from rent will be less. It is wise decision to invest in 2bhk flats that are ready to occupy in Chennai.

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